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The Impossible Change:
Lesbian to Missionary

Most people say change is a part of life. There are many things we experience throughout our lifetime which cause us to change direction. We may start a new romance which changes the direction our single life was taking us. Or we might find ourselves enduring a traumatic experience; also changing the direction life had us on. Some changes are for the good and some changes leave us forking money over to a really good therapist. That would be the kind of change you’ll read about in The Impossible Change: Lesbian to Missionary.

Priscilla Navaroli spent the majority of her life running…everywhere and to everything. Except God, that is. There was no way, in the hell she was living, that she wanted anything to do with this God of the hypocrites. They could have their judgement and they could keep their God.

This is a story of the change which took place in her life. A change which nobody, not even the person living it out, saw coming. An impossible, almost unbelievable, change that happened in the life of one woman through the power of God.

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