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My Name is Priscilla Navaroli...

And I would like to share my new life with you. 

In 2011 my life started over when, at 45, I made the decision to give my life to Christ and began attending Lone Star Cowboy Church. At that time, God also delivered me from a 30-year lesbian lifestyle as well as alcohol addiction. 

Over the next four years, I drew closer to God as I was discipled, coached, and mentored through healing Bible Study's covering childhood sexual abuse and abortion. All while being embraced by loving and patient women who helped me face some of the hardest parts of my past.


I knew from the very beginning of this journey that God was calling me to do something bigger and more significant than I am. I joined Lone Star School at my church and worked my way through Berean School of the Bible until receiving my ordination in May 2019.

During those healing and studying years, I also met and married my husband, Ray. But three short years into our marriage, I lost him suddenly in 2017 due to a massive heart attack. Once again, God told me my life was changing drastically. 

At the time of my husband's passing, I had been promoted to the Care Pastor for Lone Star Cowboy Church for a few short months. Before that, I had been hired on staff as the Care Director in 2015. God had put in me a strong desire to give back what had been given to me, deliverance,  restoration, and healing. Working at the church allowed me to do just that while still being mentored and coached.


In 2018 while on a Construction Mission trip in Cuba, I knew God was calling me into the mission field, but I did not respond. Then once again, in the spring of 2019, while on a mission trip to Costa Rica with our Student Ministry, I felt God pulling me towards Foreign Missions once again.

The decision to leave the job I worked so hard to get and the church family I loved so much was not an easy one. Although I struggled with the Lord over being a single, older woman just starting a new season of life, He said, go! So, I said, yes, Lord. With my Pastor's blessing, I started and completed the application process to become a Missionary.


Today I am a fully appointed missionary to the Dominican Republic with the Assemblies of God World Missions, and I am from the South Texas District.

I am excited to say I will be working with women on the island of Curacao. My job will be to help those who need healing and restoration in the areas of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and homosexuality. What I received from my gracious and loving Father; He is allowing me to be used by Him to give to others. 

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